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What is a Mamamia Subscription?

A Mamamia subscription gives you unlimited access to the best podcasts, articles, videos discounts and giveaways for women, including:. The Mamamia subscription is $69 when billed annually or $7.99 when billed monthly. You can cancel anytime. Become

How to subscribe to Mamamia

Subscribing to Mamamia is easy! Just head to and enter your details.

Download the Mamamia app

The best way to listen to podcasts, read articles, and access subscription benefits is through the Mamamia app. You can download the app from the following places:

Accessing subscription benefits

To access all your subscription benefits in one place. Learn more about accessing subscriber-only podcasts in your existing podcast app.

Listening to subscription podcasts on other podcast apps

While we recommend using the Mamamia app for the best experience, subscriber-only podcasts are also available on Spotify. To set this up you need to link your Mamamia and Spotify accounts. After linking your accounts, your subscriber-exclusive podcas